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  1. German SMEs fear 'Hard Brexit' would damage 'both sides'

    Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel
    Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

    LONDON - An industry spokesman for Germany's small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) believes that a "hard" Brexit which pulls Britain out of the single market "would harm both sides."

    BVMW President Mario Ohoven, whose trade group represents over 250,000 German SMEs, told the BBC
    that negotiations should be "guided by economic sense and not ...
  2. US launches 50 cruise missiles at Syria over chemical attack

    In this image from video provided by the U.S. Navy, the guided-missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG 78) launches a tomahawk land attack missile in the Mediterranean Sea, Friday, April 7, 2017. Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Ford Williams/U.S. Navy via AP

    The United States launched a salvo of 59 cruise missiles on Shayrat airfield and nearby military infrastructure controlled by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, in response to a chemical attack that killed at least 80 people ...
  3. Quick Food - How to Make a Low Carb Pizza

    If you're like nowadays, most people creating a gluten free eating environment is the vital thing to great health. One of the main foods that people following this eating regimen miss could be the old Italian favorite, pizza. But have no fear, pizza history you can create a gluten free pizza to savor with your family you just need to build your gluten free pizza kitchen.

  4. Win Lots With Sports Betting System, Amazing 97% Win Ratio - Review

    There is a winning secret of successful sports players. It is just not what you think it is certainly. There is no magic involved with winning. It requires skill and discipline, which can be acquired really easily.

    [img] these allow you to try the side games without risking any of your hard earned money. With this article I wish to talk about each for this side games available and view which ones are issue.
  5. Trump statement after US missile strikes against Syria

    President Donald Trump delivers a statement on Syria. AP

    President Donald Trump spoke Thursday evening from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida after the US Navy targeted a Syrian government airfield with Tomahawk missiles, saying it was in the "national security interest" of the US to take action.

    "Tonight I ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched, Trump said. "It is in this vital national ...
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